Get in. Perform & stream. H’Up is a multifunctional event venue with a built-in yet adaptable streaming studio. All set up and ready to go for ONLINE, HYBRID and LIVE events. The perfect setting for live digital and analogue communication.

The Stage

THE STAGE boasts 50 m² of stage space with a high-resolution LED panel at the rear. The permanently installed lighting technology ensures that your video streams are always perfectly lit. It also means that THE STAGE is fully equipped for professional light shows.

  • Stage: 50 m²
  • High-resolution LED panel: 4 x 10 m
  • Stage lighting & effect lights
  • Broadcasting technology, incl. streaming hardware
  • Audio, video and camera technology
  • Furniture: lounge chairs and side tables

Other equipment may be added as required.

The Talk

THE TALK is a changeable set that is particularly suitable for interview situations. The modern design backdrop offers different options, so yu could create an exiting stage in a few steps just by illumination.

  • Stage: 25 m²
  • Modern design backdrop
  • White stage lighting
  • Broadcasting technology, incl. streaming hardware
  • Audio, video and camera technology
  • Furniture: counters & bar stools

Other equipment may be added as required.

The Lounge

Combining industrial architecture with a modern ambience, this stylish backdrop is perfect for hosting discussions and interviews in a relaxed lounge atmosphere.

  • Floor area: 80 m²
  • Lounge design and accessories
  • Stage lighting
  • Broadcasting technology, incl. streaming hardware
  • Audio, video and camera technology
  • Furniture: lounge & bar furniture

Other equipment may be added as required.

The Product

Products can be presented on a separately floodlit area against the H’Up industrial-style backdrop. The reinforced floor and large entrances allow cars, lorries and even buses to be exhibited.

  • Floor area: 150 m²
  • Stage lighting
  • Broadcasting technology, incl. streaming hardware
  • Audio, video and camera technology
  • Adaptable

Other equipment may be added as required.

Check-In Area

This generous welcome space features an urban industrial-chic style. The 30-metre-long check-in area is fully equipped with registration and cloakroom equipment.

  • Floor area: 350 m²
  • Fully equipped check-in and cloakroom area
  • Ambient lighting & decorative lighting
  • Display screens
  • Furniture: counters, shelves, cloakroom equipment

Other equipment may be added as required.


Situated right in the middle of H’Up, the audience and event space forms the venue’s creative heart. The open architecture and columns give the art the room it needs to unfold, adding an inspirational touch to any event. The space can be subdivided and segmented to accommodate different group sizes.

  • Floor area: 1,800 m²
  • Ambient lighting & effect lighting
  • Furniture: seating

Other equipment may be added as required.


  • Floor area: 450 m²
  • Production offices, artist dressing rooms, make-up rooms, catering preparation area
  • Ambient lighting
  • Furniture: desks, chairs, mirrors

Other equipment may be added as required.

Motion & Interactive

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We will design and create an event that meets your goals. As well as getting the ball rolling, we’ll take care of the hard work, managing all aspects of planning and implementation. Find out more at


From invitations, registration and travel plans to accommodation and guest services here in Hanover, looking after your guests is our top priority. We will manage all organisational processes for your event’s participants so that you can make the most of your time with them. We’ll be pleased to continue responding to your guests’ questions and comments after the event is over. With event it, you can count on top quality – from start to finish of your event and beyond.

Find out more about guest management at

Event software

Our specially designed software will support your event. Whether you opt for a live, hybrid or online format, our online event platform will form the basis of your event. This software will be used to plan your event and adapt it to your requirements. The possibilities are limitless. We will take care of everything from invitation management to the digital coordination of a complex hybrid or online event.

Modules in our online event platform:

– Registration
– Virtual reception
– Virtual exhibition space
– Participant profile
– Speaker profile
– Event programme
– Integration of streams and livestreams
– Ticket shop
– Numerous additional features, such as matchmaking and interactive talks

You can find further information on our event software here.

Event staff

Every event is unique, and thus requires its own special staff. That’s why careful selection of personnel who will meet your event’s requirements is crucial for success. Customers can simply book staff through us and we will take care of the rest.

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Want to expand your event venue beyond H’Up? No problem. Thanks to our location on exhibition grounds and our technological and spatial infrastructure, the possibilities are practically endless.

You can find all venues on the exhibition grounds at


Whether you’d like to serve your guests a traditional German “currywurst” or a lobster cocktail, the food options range from elegant menus to street-food festivals. One thing is sure, though: catering is one of the most important elements of an event and must only be provided by consummate professionals. Messe Gastronomie Hannover GmbH is a full-service caterer that will make sure your guests are well fed, offering a diverse array of culinary highlights.

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Our in-house graphic design service will take care of the design and creation of your location branding.


Our in-house partner can provide you with more event and streaming technology should you need it.

Our partner Exposive will tell you everything you need to know about event technology.


If you are looking for unique décor to fit your brand and requirements, look no further than our partner EMS, where you will find additional event furnishings and equipment.

Find out more about furnishings from our partner EMS.

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The year 2020 has presented the event industry and our customers with a massive challenge, with events having to be postponed or cancelled. Events planned long in advance continue to be plagued by uncertainty, as no one can predict when and under what conditions it will be possible to hold them. Deutsche Messe and its subsidiary, event it, have created a solution that guarantees your event will take place no matter what.

Our online event platform will be used to plan your event and involve participants. The slider button allows you to decide what proportion of your event you want to be online, hybrid or live. Risk-free, thanks to our in-house services.

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